What’s The Story…Now? – Megan L Smith

Megan L. Smith (@cawsand) is a new media artist, with a PhD in Contemporary Art & Graphic Design from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Her projects probe new systems for delivering syndicated data through narrative structure and she often works with Arduino, geo-location, digital print, video, installation, and community projects as methods for storytelling.

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Satire, Sexuality and the Iranian Diaspora Online – Sanaz Raji

Sanaz Raji (@sanazraji) is a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds’ Institute of Communication Studies.

Sanaz RajiSanaz is researching the Iranian Diaspora and the New Media: The Politics of Parody from the 1.5 and Second Generation.

Sanaz is also working for the Media and Citizenship project at the London School of Economics and a contributor for The Guardian.