Creative Commons – Joscelyn Upendran

Joscelyn Upendran (@joscelyn); is co-founder & CEO of lovle and is also involved in Creative Commons UK, as the Public Project Lead for England & Wales, which involves raising awareness about Creative Commons.

lovle is a learning and training software & services company. lovle’s web application enables individuals and organizations to quickly and easily discover and legally remix, repurpose and collate online learning content while keeping track of copyright licences and involved in some closed pilots presently with a public launch scheduled for summer 2010.

Joscelyn Upendran

Prior to founding lovle, Joscelyn worked as a commercial lawyer in private practice for a number of years before she commenced a career in higher and further education, training lawyers, accountants and mangers.

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that provides free, easy to use legal tools and licences that give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple standardised way to pre-clear copyright to their creative works. CC licences let people easily change their copyright terms from the default of all rights reserved to some rights reserved. Some examples include MIT, the White House, Yoko OnoGwen Stefani, Open University, Wikipedia, Flickr and indeed this web site!