Open Source: Men, Women & Coding – Emma McGrattan

Emma McGrattan

Emma McGrattan; (@emmakmcgrattan) is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Ingres. She is responsible for the development and integration of the Ingres database and associated products and technologies. A leading authority in DBMS technologies, Emma has been instrumental in the ongoing success of the Ingres product line. Emma joined Ingres from CA

where she held a similar position and was responsible for the Ingres family of relational database management products. She started her career with Ingres in 1992, and has held a variety of senior development and management positions.

Not only a talented engineer and manager, Emma is also a great communicator as transpires from her blog and many speaking appearances. Balancing intelligence with humor, she is known to have been referred to as a “firecracker” at more than one instance.

Born in Ireland, Emma earned a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University. Recognized for having open source development at heart, she is also a member of the board of directors for the Eclipse Foundation.