We’re All Geeks Now – Katie Lips

Katie LipsKatie Lips () is a Social Media strategist and emerging technologies consultant at Kisky Netmedia and cofounder at Treasuremytext.com. Katie is an experienced creative strategist and helps organisations and people to harness the power of social opportunities online as a natural marketeer; many of her projects reach and engage large audiences through their interactive strategies. Originally from an Arts background she’s perhaps not a typical Girl Geek, but Katie fell in love with the Internet and is now a passionate advocate for all things digital.

Her clients include FACT, British Film Institute, International Centre for Digital Content, the Health and Safety Executive, Holidaybreak and Unilever Plc. Her maverick and entrepreneurial approach saw her cofound Treasuremytext.com helping to redefine the relationship between mobile and web platforms and innovating in terms of product design and business strategy. Treasuremytext is now well known in the mobile industry and attracts many thousands of users from all over the world.

In December 2008 as well as peaking at the Girl Geek Dinner, she’ll be launching The Amazing iPhone project, and helping to organise Barcamp Liverpool. Katie often delivers seminars and talks on Social Media and how an open approach can help businesses and public sector organisations communicate smarter; at GGD Leeds she will share her insights into how we’re all embracing this new openness. “We’re all geeks nowadays!”